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I make websites so you don't have to.

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Plain Text List

Plain Text List features unformatted, easily copy and paste-able lists on every topic.

No popups, no wasted time stripping extraneous data when all you need is a list of countries, states, time zones, and much more.

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Screenshot of Plain Text List mobile
Screenshot of Plain Text List


Ever thought about digging a hole down to the other side of the world? Probably. Ever wonder if you're going to need an umbrella when you get there? Maybe not. But you should!

Using the Dark Sky API to gather weather data for any point on Earth, and Algolia Places API for search.

Antiweather gathers current weather data and a seven-day forecast for two antipodes, or opposite points on Earth.

It's interesting to compare the weather at the North Pole and South Pole, or New Zealand to Spain. There's a good chance the other side of the world for you is in the middle of the ocean somewhere, but we still have the forecast for you.

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Screenshot of Antiweather mobile
Screenshot of Antiweather

CSS Creatures

CSS Creatures was originally released in December 2012. Since the project started, over 10,000 Twitter users have seen their own creatures appear on the site. In October 2017, the site was completely rebuilt with brand new features.

This site uses the Twitter Search API, searching for tweets sent to the account @csscreatures. Tweets are parsed looking for colors and specific keywords, which are then used to build a creature.

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Screenshot of CSS Creatures on mobile
Screenshot of CSS Creatures


Clippy is the best tool online for generating values for shape functions for use with CSS clip-path property. With 24 preset polygonal shapes and support for circle and ellipse shapes, the site also includes a custom polygon shape builder.

Clippy was mentioned on CSS-Tricks in an article by Ana Tudor in May 2017 and another article by Chris Coyier in March of the same year.

The site was also mentioned in the book Web Developer's Reference Guide published in 2016. More shoutouts can be found in CSS-Tricks articles from October 2015, and in December 2014.

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Screenshot of the Clippy project website on mobile
Screenshot of the Clippy project website

CSS Image Effects

What started as an experiment messing with CSS blend modes, these pure CSS Image Effects offer a lot of possiblities for image manipulation on the web.

To make the effects work, a single source image is overlayed on top of itself one or more times and new CSS blend mode and filter properties take care of the rest.

Because the properties used in this method are relatively new, care was taken to make sure the images gracefully degrade in unsupported browsers.

CSS Image Effects has been written about in an article on Noupe by Ioanni Mitsakis in November 2016.

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Screenshot of the Image Effects website on mobile
Screenshot of the Image Effects website

Love Notes Foundation

The Love Notes Foundation is group of musicians offering music lessions at schools and Children's hospitals with the goal of share the gift of music to children with illnesses.

The website I made consisted of a custom WordPress theme and featured an interactive playable piano as part of the footer. Sadly the website is not currently live so you'll have to trust the screenshots for now.

Screenshot of the Love Notes Foundation website on mobile
Screenshot of the Love Notes Foundation website

President Trump Inaugural Address Generator

Leading up to the inauguration of Donald Trump, this website generates a inaugural address by combining over a hundred random topics, places, and names. The result is a speech only the Donald could pull off.

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Screenshot of the Trump address generator website on mobile
Screenshot of the Trump address generator website

Saints of the Week

Saints of the Week is a custom WordPress site made for a client who draws the saints which also appearing in newspapers and Church bulletins across the United States.

The backend WordPress user interface was optimized for publishing these illustrations.

The site utilizes the CSS background-attachment property for a unique scrolling experience which is supported on laptop and desktop devices.

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Screenshot of the Saints of the Week website on mobile
Screenshot of the Saints of the Week website